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Details Manual-of-Field-Astronomy

A Manual Of Field Astronomy Originally published in 1917, this early works on Field Astronomy is a comprehensive and informative look at the subject. This fascinating work is thoroughly recommended for inclusion on the bookshelf of all astronomy ...

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Details Cambridge-Dictionary-of-Astronomy

Cambridge Dictionary of Astronomy Handy and invaluable reference book for anyone involved with astronomy, either professionally or as a leisure interest. Full description

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Details Infrared-Astronomy-with-ISO-Centre-De-Physique-Les-Houches-Series

Infared Astronomy with ISO Infrared Astronomy with ISO Full description

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Details Encyclopedia-of-the-History-of-Astronomy-and-Astrophysics

Encyclopedia of the History of Astronomy and Astrophysics This Encyclopedia offers a comprehensive guide to the history of astronomy and astrophysics from ancient times to the present day. Full description

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Details Recent-Progress-in-Astronomy-Volume-I

This book is focused on the different physical, mathematical and related aspects concerned with the field of astronomy. The book covers in detail the existent theories and some innovative concepts revolving around astronomy. It encompasses a series of ...

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Details The-Early-Years-of-Radio-Astronomy-Reflections-Fifty-Years-after-Janskys-Discovery

The Early Years of Radio Astronomy Recollection by pioneers in radio astronomy, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of extraterrestrial radio emission in 1933. Full description

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Details Studies-on-the-Transmission-of-Medieval-Mathematical-Astronomy-Collected-Studies

Studies on the Transmission of Medieval Mathematical Astronomy Meercier's work shows that there is a unity in medieval astronomy in spite of the great diversity in cultural settings, which included South and Central Asia, the Middle East, Byzantium ...

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Details Astronomy-for-Dogs

THE ALIENS Astronomy For Dogs (2007 Dutch 11-track CD album picture sleeve. This cosmically ambitious record is the debut album from the side-project of former Beta Band members Gordon Anderson [aka Lone Pigeon] John Maclean & Robin Jones)

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Details African-Cultural-Astronomy-Current-Archaeoastronomy-and-Ethnoastronomy-research-in-Africa-Astrophysics-and-Space-Science-Proceedings

Current Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy research in AfricaGebundenes BuchThis is the first scholarly collection of articles focused on the cultural astronomy of Africans. It weaves together astronomy, anthropology, and Africa and it includes ...